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Winecenter Kaltern

The new building is at the entrance to Caldaro, at the end of a row of wine-cellar buildings, directly on the wine route. As a landmark on the way from Bolzano to Lago di Caldaro, it takes into consideration both the mobile aesthetics of the 21st century as well as the local identity. The heights of the monolithic corpus mediate between the tall main building built in 1911 and smaller buildings added in recent decades, creating an intimate courtyard through its L-shaped floor plan. The skin made of coloured  reinforced with fibreglass stretches across the exterior walls and roof, emphasizing, along with the flush window surfaces, the monolithic character of the building. Tension arises between the perception of the uniform shell and the single large interior space that it encloses where a sculptural landscape unfolds, its different heights alone creating a complex progression of atmospheres and spatial impressions. On the inside a veritable wine tour is created, with fluent transitions between the different levels of the encounter with the product wine.


Luogo: Kaltern
Architetto: Feld72
Anno di costruzione: 2006
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